Anti-Arthritic Efficacy And Safety Of Crominex 3+ (Trivalent Chromium, Phyllanthus emblica Extract, And Shilajit) In Moderately Arthritic Dogs

The present investigation was undertaken to evaluate the therapeutic efficacy and safety of Crominex® 3+ (a complex of trivalent chromium, Phyllanthus emblica (Amla) extract and purified Shilajit) in moderately arthritic dogs. Eleven client-owned moderately arthritic dogs in a randomized double-blinded study received placebo or Crominex® 3+ twice daily for a period of 150 days. On a monthly basis, each dog was evaluated for arthritis associated pain (overall pain, pain upon limb manipulation and pain after physical exertion) and a full physical exam (body weight, body temperature and heart rate).

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