Clinical Characteristics of Metastatic Gastric Tumors: A Report of 8 Cases in a Single Hospital

Metastatic gastric tumors (MGTs) mean the tumor cells that attack the stomach and grow there through blood vessel, lymph vessel, and other pathway, consistent with the primary tumor in phenotype, which are clinically uncommon, and information on MGTs is generallylimited to single case reports. Here we present a clinical series of 8 cases with MGTs, in attention to discuss the clinical characteristics,diagnosis and treatment, and prognosis of MGTs. Our data showed that MGTs are rare, with a male predominance, and the cause ofdeath was multiple organ metastases in most cases. Heterochromous MGTs showed a significantly better prognosis than simultaneousMGTs, and a long interval between initial radical excision of the primary tumor and appearance of gastric metastasis was found to beassociated with good prognosis.

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