Missing Breakfast, Sleep and Exercise: Are You Skipping Out Years of Life

Objective: People who regularly have breakfast are a third less likely at risk, of being obese than those who are breakfast skippers. The study aims to find the relationship between breakfast and sleeping habits with adiposity among medical students.
Design: Single center cross sectional study at a medical college of Karachi. The study was conducted from July 2011 till November 2011. We collected sample from students of each year of medical school. Convenient sampling was implied for the collection of data.
Setting: Karachi, Pakistan.
Results: Mean age of participants was 20.85 ± 0.9 years, while mean BMI of participants was 24.7 ± 6.31 kg/m2. Average physical activity was 208 min/week ± 92 min/week, while average sleep duration was 7.1 hours ± 3.9 hours. We observed that females (63.4%, 71/112) tend to skip breakfast around twice more than males (27.9%, 34/122). People who took breakfast were found to be more physically active then those who skipped breakfast. Participants who had regular breakfast were found to have a lower BMI than those who did not.
Conclusion: Since it was found that a regular consumption of breakfast not only lowers BMI but also makes a person more physically fit. Therefore it is recommended to start the day with a healthy breakfast having all the essential nutrients.
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