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Instructions for Reviewers (Reviewer Guidelines) | Open Access Journals | Annex Publishers

Manuscripts submitted by Authors are reviewed by reviewers for relevancy without which it would be impossible to maintain the high standards of peer-reviewed journals. The manuscript is assigned to an editor, who in turn chooses one or more editorial board members or reviewers to review it.

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Editor Guidelines | Open Access Journals | Annex Publishers

Editor guidelines

Each Editor of the Editorial Board plays a crucial role in maintaining the standards of the journal and peer review. Editor of a journal should take the sole responsibility for its reputation and entire content.
  • Based on the field of research (or) subject, editor will assign submitted manuscript to a reviewer for the peer review process
  • If that particular reviewer accepts to review the article then the author shall notify Annex Publishers the same, if not it shall be forwarded to another editor in the same field
  • The Editors are requested to send the acknowledgement to respective author after he/she receives the article
  • This should be provided within a short period where it would be helpful to the author for an update on the paper's status
  • If the articles do not meet the policies of submission it would likely to be rejected

For ex: The work submitted should neither been published nor submitted to any other publication.
  • Simultaneous submission of the same article will lead to rejection
  • Articles meeting the minimum criteria will be sent to the reviewers for review after which the Editors will approach the reviewers with the title and abstract. If accepted then it can be sent directly to the reviewer
  • Reviewers will be asked to review the manuscript within the deadline i.e., 14 days
  • The editor will take final decision for acceptance/rejection of the article based on the comments/suggestions, and the same shall be conveyed to the author by the editor
  • If needed /recommended, submission will undergo a second round of review, where editor will ask the author to resubmit for second revision. The author shall receive the decision along with the comments/recommendations from reviewers
  • If article is not suitable for publication it will be rejected. The editor shall inform the same to the author(s) along with the comments by reviewer
Following these guidelines we ensure that our review process will be efficient and helpful in maintaining the standard and quality of the articles. This will also be helpful for maintaining a good scientific relation between author(s), editors and reviewers.

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Journal of Case Reports and Studies (JCRS)

JCRS (Journal of Case Reports and Studies) is an open access, peer reviewed online journal which aims to publish original case report in all the disciplines. It provides access to most valuable and exciting reports manly related to medicine and other fields. All submitted articles are peer reviewed and published under the guidance of our Editorial Board. JCRS maintains the quality by publishing research papers that have significance in the field of case reports.

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Journal of Forensic Science & Criminology (JFSC)

JFSC (Journal of Forensic Science & Criminology) open access journal which publishes peer reviewed research articles on topics relating to the forensic sciences and criminology, broadly interpreted. The journal includes scientific papers, specialist reviews and commentaries.

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Journal of Pharmaceutics & Drug Development (JPDD)

JPDD (Journal of Pharmaceutics & Drug Development) includes chemical, physical and biological properties of drugs, vaccines, etc. It is an open access, peer-reviewed journal that accepts and publishes original research & review articles, clinical studies in all areas of pharmaceutics. The journal includes all major research areas such as Pharmaceutical analysis, Microbiology, Molecular, Clinical Pharmacology, etc.

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Journal of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry (JVSAH)

JVSAH (Journal of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry) is a scientific journal which has topics associated with fundamental and aspects of veterinary science and animal husbandry. JVSAH has a special feature of publishing special issues in experimental clinical research, veterinary medicine and current research. At Annex Publishers, we tend to publish quality articles and try our best to provide the most effective analysis journal to the scientific community.

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