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Why one more journal on materials and/or nanotechnology? Well, we all live in a nano-materials world. Trivially enough, each and every object, tool or device is made up of structured matter. At the same time, matter is intrinsically structured at the nanoscale level, via ions, atoms and molecules, and related assemblies (i.e. clusters, agglomerates and aggregates, difference see). For such a broad scope, room is there for much additional work and players, as we all think that materials science and nanotechnology both have a bright future. Shadows could come as well, first with the issue of health risks. Still we do not know much about the danger of the new possible products based on nanomaterials, due to the persistent lack of long-term experimentation data on animals and in real natural environments, and a high level of precautions should be maintained. For sure, sustainability is the keyword for science and technology development in the 21st century. In this respect, nanoscience poses new issues to be aware of, but also promises solutions like active and intelligent (smart) materials, and bio-degradable materials to reduce pollution.

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